The beginning of 360˚ interactive product photography: Part 3

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We hired a marketing director to seek out companies that might be interested in our services.

We showed our sample work to potential customers and they were excited to see what we had to offer and to collaborate with us to further enhance their website. Most of the companies reps we met were excited with our sample work, but the price didn’t make sense for them. We tried to figure out a way to cut the cost down but the price they were suggesting was impossible for our company to stay afloat. We finally understood that one of the biggest hurdles we faced was the cost.

Currently, many companies are adopting video to supplement the static images on their website; however, the quality of some videos isn’t that great. The cost to produce videos for a company is minimal, and they can take short footages of video during a photo shoot. I think it’s an easy choice for a company to embrace the video. In the end, our down fall was, we didn’t take the art of marketing seriously.

In the future postings, I’ll write more about the business in detail. For now, I need to start working on new projects.

Enjoy the sample work I shot using the Multi-Camera System. The model featured on this page is Mark Martin:

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