I was a self taught photographer for many years and finally made a decision to take photography more seriously and enrolled in an art college in Philadelphia. While in school, I was with many talented professors and classmates, but in the end, I was more interested in commercial photography. Right after I received my degree in photography, I found work at a local art college in photo department. I was fortunate enough to work under a well-known photographer who was also my supervisor. She gave me the freedom to explore and the opportunity to hone my studio and teaching skills. As a result, I taught photography classes at local colleges without a darkroom to numerous  workshops including large format, pinhole, alternative and digital photography courses.

     While holding a full-time position, I also owned a photography business for many years photographing products for catalogs and worked with local, national, and international publications. But, my favorite jobs were working with up and coming as well as  well-known artists throughout northeast region photographing artist’s work for their portfolios and exhibition catalogs.

     Recently, I was a part owner of a startup company with innovative photography products, but we just didn’t get the opportunity to introduce it to the market. So, here I am on my own to show the world what I have been doing since the company folded.